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Çeşme is one of the most beautiful summer places in İzmir, which is located on the peninsula of its name. Turkey are in the west. Cesme, Karaburun and Urla districts are listed on this peninsula. As in almost all Aegean regions, Cesme has both nature, sea and history together.
The fountain is a place that has survived from ancient times. First the Cretans then lived here. Under the Roman domination, the last point of the Çeşme harbor silk road was the gate from east to west. Çeşme, which entered the Ottoman sovereignty in 1566, lost its importance and started to gain importance. Then, those who came to Cesme were exchanged.

Undoubtedly, when people call Cesme sea sand and sun come to mind. Ilıca beach in Cesme reputation is recognized by many people beyond the boundaries of Turkey. With its clean sandy beach and its sandy beach, Ilica Beach is one of the places you should go and see. Çeşme is the summer town of İzmir. There are usually people living in the city center, and in summer there are people who come to their summer houses as well as local and foreign tourists. Until 20 years ago, Cesme, which was a quiet place, showed great improvement after a modern highway was built. It has become more colorful and lively with many hotels and businesses. All the dim beautiful enough to be compared with the world’s most beautiful beaches in Cesme is one of Turkey’s most important region in terms of tourism. Once again, guests want to come to Çeşme again.

Another point that comes to our mind when we say Çeşme is Alaçatı. Alaçatı is a small town in Çeşme. In recent years, the beach clubs, boutique hotels and restaurants have become the focus of attention of tourists. It is inevitable for you to feel yourself in a magical time on the narrow and stone streets of Alaçatı. The old mansions and houses in these narrow streets turn into cafes, where you can taste different tastes and relax the whole year in peace.

It is very easy to reach the fountain. You can reach Çeşme from İzmir center in 45 minutes via the modern three lanes. Those who come from the airport can easily rent a car or follow the signs here and they can reach to Çeşme or keep the datacsi.
You can go to the fountain in any month of the year you want. Great hotels serve for twelve months. Since it has a Mediterranean climate, winters are mild. As of May, the sea starts to swim and the summer season continues until the end of September. The hotels are usually in the center of Cesme, Ilica, Alacati and Dalyan. Alaçatı is more famous for its boutique hotels and aims to satisfy its customers with personalized services. In Ilica, more large hotels are available.
Although it has been tried to be named as a socialite in recent years, Çeşme has suitable accommodation and activities for every budget. You can stroll through the streets of Alaçatı and the bougainvillea streets, enjoy the sea and the sun in Ilıca, and discover new flavors with different seafood and restaurants in Çeşme. In addition, Alacati, which is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to windsurfing in our country, you should definitely visit Alacati if you are interested in surfing.


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