Ege Port-Scala Nuova
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Ege Port-Scala Nuova

Scala Nuova shopping center which is managed by Egeport Harbor Managements is a new complex in Kusadasi which has opened just a few years ago and got popular in a very short time with its cafes bars and shops. Scala Nuova is next to big harbor and visitors from cruises are stepping into Scala Nuova to enter the city. Therefore the place is extra crowded when there are ships docked at the port. There are nices cafes inside which are attracted by many locals usually at the summer time when the weather is good. Probably the best view among all Starbuckses is in here as you can sip from your latte while watching the sun going down behind the beautiful Pigeon Island.

Scala Nuova is can be a nice stop after work or after a long walk among the city to watch the beautiful sunset or you may also try the bar inside at night if you can find a table!


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