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Marmaris is a touristic district of Muğla. Kuşadası and Marmaris, which are located in two neighboring cities, are two very important holiday centers. Marmaris is one of the major yachting centers in Turkey, has a very well-protected natural harbor and pier and the marina has a capacity of hundreds of yachts. Another important feature of Marmaris is the sea. This region has indented coasts and beautiful bays and bays. The beautiful beaches and bays in Marmaris attract many tourists from all over the world.
Although it is famous for its sea, Marmaris is also known for its fresh air and forest pines and it is also known as the Green Marmaris. The sky and the sea combine with the green of the pine forest and offer a wonderful view. And these natural beauties can be seen in four seasons in Marmaris. In addition to these natural beauties, Marmaris has many modern facilities for tourists and it is an indispensable holiday center for both local and foreign touris.

With its rich natural beauty, Marmaris also attracts attention with its historical texture. Caria and numerous ancient cities in the region are another factor that attracts tourists. You can visit these ancient sites on a daily basis, and you can see these beauties that you have inherited from history.
You can continue your visit to Marmaris with a wide range of activities. Canoe tours, horse rides, nature walks, yacht tours, visiting the surrounding villages, safari are some of these activities. Or you can have a nice dinner by the sea after enjoying the sea and the sun on the beaches of Marmaris all day, and you can spend the rest of your night dancing in the lively areas of Bars Street.

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