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Guvercinada Castle

With its magnificent view of the Güverciadası Castle, it really deserves to be the symbol of Kusadasi. The eye-catching view of the island, combined with the panoramic colors of the sunset, attracts every visitor. The island is one of the most preferred places to visit in summer and winter months for domestic and foreign people living in Kuşadası.

Guvercinada Castle History:
Unlike the inner fortress, more recently, the inscription of the outer walls, which translated the island in 1826, can now be translated into Turkish:
Praise be to praise, this castle was okay to build the stones came from the Snake and was used in this castle. In the work of God, the devotee trust in Allah and submissive. Let him make his auspicious works and his line free of immortality and be respected in both worlds. a sense of meaning. (By the Ebced method) Hijri: 1242. Guru: 1826
kale girişi güvercinada

The island was strategically used to protect the coasts or to prevent attacks from the sea. Known as the yıl Pirate Castle cin, which was used against the pirates. Hayreddin Pasha was rebuilt on the side of the castle, and the guards had been put into the castle.

Places to visit in Guvercinada Kale:

The name of the district, which is the name of the current name of the county, based on the historical period and the name of a castle with the name is attached to the land. You can watch the unique sunset while sipping your drink in the tea gardens around the island that host the bird species.

Guvercinada Castle Lighthouse:

Güvercinadası today accepts visitors to the public as banana every day, it is possible to see many traces of history on the island with free entrance or even a very important skeleton belonging to the long balina inside the castle.
Skeleton to Long Honey:
In February 1998, Kuşadası Dilek Peninsula National Parked poplar cape was struck by a landlord in Koyun.

uzun balina iskeleti

From Güvercinada Castle you can visit Kuşadası and the island of the old town, which is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset.
Yılancı Burnu Mazarası from Güvercinada Castle:

At the entrance of the fortress there is a small dock made of concrete, which is known as the first address for those who want to make a daily boat trip for those coming to Kuşadası. every day with boat tour activity serves.

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