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Located 23km south-west of Kusadasi, Guzelcamli offers a peaceful atmosphere by the seaside. Since its founding in 700BC, the town has been continually inhabited by many civilizations. Guzelcamli was an important convention place of the Ionian States, named as Panionian during the Ionian era. The town has also kept its significance after the Ionians, and was ruled by Seljukians and Ottomans, until today.

Guzelcamli, with nice beaches for swimming, is also a superb spot for all water sports. Numerous beaches and bays allow the visitors to make activities or swim in the warm waters during the day. The impressing National Park is within the municipality boundaries of Guzelcamli. Unspoiled natural beauties of the park attract all visitors and offer an unforgettable panoramic setting of the green&blue combination.

Small pensions and hotels of Guzelcamli also provide a wonderful opportunity for relaxation, as for, you enjoy the restful peace of this quiet town….

How to Go?… Kusadasi-National Park minibuses departure from minibus station inside the town or from the bus station in every 30 minutes or more frequent.

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