Cave of Zeus
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Cave of Zeus

Zeus Cave, which is one of the places that can be described as öy hidden paradise ’in Kuşadası, contains a rich culture with mythological stories. The cave is located on the entrance side of the Dilek Peninsula. The entrance of the cave is almost hidden. This almost overlaps with mythological stories.
The cave of Zeus is an 8-minute walk from the main street. This makes the cave very advantageous for visiting.

Not to mention the mythological stories of the Zeus Cave. The most well-known of these stories is between the god of thunder Zeus and his brother the sea god Poseidon. The story is that every time Zeus and his brother fought, the sea god, Poseidon, overthrew all the seas. But Zeus Cave was not affected by this chaos. Zeus came to this cave to wait for his brother to pass the nerve and return to the normal course of nature.

The deepest part of the cave has a depth of about 10-15 meters. The interesting thing is that the temperature of the water in the cave is 5 degrees every summer. The interior of the cave is quite warm during the summer months and quite warm during the winter months.

There is a common belief that the sludge found at the bottom of the cave beautifies the skin. You can experience this natural beauty mask if you can afford to sludge 4 meters deep.

With the mixing of the sweet spring water from the mountain and the salty water from the sea, there is a turquoise water that looks like mineral water.

There is no charge for access to the Zeus Cave.


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