Kursunlu Monastery
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Kursunlu Monastery

Kursunlu Monastery, which is about 12 kilometers away from Davutlari, offers a magnificent view under the foot of 600 meters.

The area where the monastery was located was the refuge of Christians who escaped persecution and oppression in the 8th century. Due to the increasing Christian population, various churches and monasteries were built in this region.

Although the construction date of the monastery is not exactly known, it is estimated that there is a Byzantine structure dating back to the 11th century. The monastery has cellar, cellar, monk room, infirmary and refectory. The chapel, which belongs to the monastery, is a small church. The ornamentation and depictions on the ceiling of the chapel shed light on the oppression and oppression of the 9th century.

To reach the monastery, you need to come to Davutlar town from Kusadasi town center. You can reach the monastery by minibuses departing from Davutlar.

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