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    Fishermen Cafe Kusadasi

    Balikcilar Kahvesi which means fishermen’s café house in English is really a place where fishermen meet chat and spend their spare times. The place is also loved by locals as well because of its location and prices. The place is located right across the big harbor where a spectacular view occurs when there are cruise ships docked. The entrance is from the stairs at the right of the fish market. Don’t expect any luxury, but enjoy the atmosphere. Fishermen’s café is open 24 hours. Breakfast is served in Turkish style, and Gozleme (Turkish style pan cake) is worth trying. You may bring your own bakery stuff and buy the drinks…

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    Kuşadası Rent A Car

    It can be exhausting for you to come to Kuşadası with your own car. But if you want to have a car when you come to Kuşadası and to explore the city as you wish, there are many agents you can rent a car in Kuşadası. These agencies, where you can get service in accordance with your choice of day, are a great privilege to make your holiday easier. Traveling on these new roads that you don’t know from the crowd and are alone on the road can be one of the best experiences you can experience. So you can experience a lot more space than you can taste and…

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    Kusadasi Taxi Service

    Kuşadası is a bigger place compared to other summer resorts. There are also many taxi stops in Kuşadası where you will not have difficulty in transportation. 24 hours a day you can easily find a taxi. Some taxis can even take you to places you will be traveling with at certain rates throughout the day. You can have a comfortable holiday with these taxis, as if you can find the comfort of a private driver.

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    Real Estate Kusadasi

    If you want to stay in a house but not in a hotel, you can easily find houses for sale or rent in Kuşadası. There are many real estate agencies in Kuşadası and they try to understand the needs of the customers in the best way and respond in the right way. Whether you are in the city or outside the city, apartment or cottage you can easily find any house you are looking for. There is a wide range of services for every budget in the real estate sector in Kusadasi. You can easily determine the time you want to stay, you can find weekly or monthly rental options.

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    Kuşadası Boutique Hotels

    Boutique hotels have become popular in Kusadasi in recent years. You can have a peaceful holiday in Boutique hotels with personalized designs and non-crowded places. If you are bored with the crowds of the big city and want to spend a quiet holiday, then boutique hotels are the place for you. The hotel offers you a nice atmosphere where you can sit and chat with the hotel operators and share with you. Generally, boutique hotels located outside of the city with nature will offer you the peace and quiet you have been looking for a long time. If you want to go to a boutique hotel in Kusadasi 10 km…

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    Kusadasi Hotels

    Kuşadası is a place where local and foreign tourists come for sea vacation in almost every season. Kuşadası, where many hotel options are available for every budget, prioritize the comfort of the guests. There are many alternatives in the center, from small to small hotels, to a 5-star beachfront or to a holiday village. The hotels in Kuşadası have the capacity and quality to meet the demand of tourists. You can spend quality time in a big five star hotel, have all inclusive facilities in holiday villages, have a small budget holiday with your budget or you can camp in the campgrounds and enjoy the nature.

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    Kusadasi Shopping

    Leather Jacket Shopping

    It would not be wrong to say that Kuşadası is handmade with its handmade products. It is possible to find different handmade products in the big small shops in the Kuşadası bazaar. However, one of the things that foreign tourists like to buy from Kuşadası is leather products. In the center of Kuşadası, some of the big shops in the shores of the city and some big stores just outside the city sell real leather handmade jackets and belts and these products attract great interest by tourists. They are quality products because they are made with genuine leather and special workmanship. It is good for you to shop at an…

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    Turkish Delight

    Turkey mention of one of the first thing that comes to mind is that many foreign tourists Turkish Delights Turkish delight. In fact, they are not unfair. Turkish delight is a unique product and really delicious. Naturally, more foreign tourists coming to Kuşadası on holiday do not return to their country without using Turkish delight. These delicious delights, which have many varieties, can be found easily in almost every small shop in Kuşadası.

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    Rug Store’s

    Another type of shopping that comes to mind when shopping in Kusadasi is the rug shopping. In Kuşadası we produce beautiful manual labor. Because these products contain more authentic and spiritual value than the ready-made items, tourists pay great attention to these manual labor. An air conditioner you can buy here can add a whole new air to your home and can be used for many years. These air-conditioners are sold in some shops in the center of Kusadasi and on the coast. In addition, some high quality air conditioners are available in larger stores just outside the city, where the construction phase is shown. Tourists of some tour companies…

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    Kusadasi Gold Store’s

    Kusadasi is famous for its sea, as well as shopping places. Many local and foreign tourists who are on holiday in Kuşadası do shopping in Kuşadası. Gold shopping is one of the most preferred shopping types of tourists coming to Kusadasi. There are many jewelers and jewelers in the center of Kuşadası where there are many small and small shops named as the bazaar. Some products are custom made, while increasing the spiritual value of the receiver creates an attraction. Gold, silver, natural stone, such as many precious jewelery in Kusadasi can be found in a wide variety. When you come here, we recommend that you and your loved ones…