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Transportation to Kusadasi by bus

Every day, there are direct bus services from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir to Kusadasi at different times during the day. There are different bus companies that serve these routes. I would prefer Ulusoy or Varan. I used to prefer Pamukkale.

If you prefer to travel by bus, there is something to be aware of, there are a lot of breaks on the road, the passenger loading overload is very much annoying, after a while. In order not to be exposed to this situation, be sure to choose a non-stop service, please confirm this subject in advance. Bus ticket prices will go from Istanbul and Ankara to 200-250 TL round trip. For those departing from Izmir, round trip is between 40-50 TL.

Istanbul-Kusadasi: 550 km

Ankara-Kusadasi: 600km

Izmir-Kusadasi: 90 km

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