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National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park is located in Kusadasi, Turkey, and is one of the world’s unique natural areas. The National Park, which has an area of ​​approximately 28 hectares, is extremely rich in terms of both plant and animal diversity and has been protected both nationally and internationally. Immaculate coves and beaches are awarded with a blue flag. There are also areas for picnics. You’re likely to come across the wild boars when you’re in the National Park, because they don’t fear people or even want food from them.

This area, which is integrated with the green of the forest and the blue of the sea, is visited by approximately 700 thousand domestic and foreign tourists every year. Visitors can enjoy the cool water and the sun in the National Park where they enter the day trip, or take long walks on the hiking trails, or enjoy the scenery.

In addition, Dilek Peninsula National Park has a botanical garden where almost all the unique plants that spread along the coast from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus are naturally seen together. In addition, predatory birds and wild animals on the peninsula, mountainous terrain and underwater riches are another important natural richness of this area. 804 plant species belonging to 95 families in the National Park have been identified and 6 of them are the only endemic plant species that appear here in the world.
The most vivid and healthy examples of almost all plant species of Mediterranean maquis flora in the National Park are located. The national park is the only place where Kartopu, which is located in the south of the Anatolian Kestane, which is unique to the North Anatolian forests, is located in several places in our country, where the Finike Ardıcı, Melez Pırnal Oak and Dallı Cypress are formed by creating small forest communities.

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