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Local Beach

Kuşadası Urban Beach is a public beach located next to Kuşadası Marina. The area, which was not used as a beach in the past, was arranged as a result of the works of Kuşadası Municipality and opened for use. The municipality has put showers and cabins on the beach. Free and public, this beach also includes a sunbathing area for the disabled and has access to the beach for wheeled vehicles. In this respect, it has been proven once again that the Municipality of Kuşadası is a sensitive municipality.

This beach with sun loungers and umbrellas is mostly used by the customers of the surrounding hotels. The sea is slick and without waves. The beach has sand and during the summer beach volleyball is played on the beach. Even beach volleyball tournaments have started to be organized on this beach. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants around. The beach, which has the largest sunbathing area from the center beaches, is a local beach.

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