lady' s beach
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Lady’s Beach

The beach, which was formerly a walkway and secluded place, was preferred for the women of Kuşadasi especially because it was out of sight and was generally a beach where women went. That’s why it took the name of the women’s beach and then started to be called the sea of ​​Women.
The women’s beach is a free public beach and the beach has a toilet, shower and kiosks. The beach of 600 meters is 4 km from the center of Kusadasi. The hotel has a hotel, a hostel, a cafeteria and a restaurant. You can taste different tastes at the beach cafes and restaurants. With all these features, it has been a place where local and foreign tourists have shown great interest every year. The beach is very crowded, especially during the summer months with both local and foreign tourists and the Sanisas.
Women’s Sea has a calm and unspoiled sea. When you go to the beach in the morning, a plain sea meets the sea and the evening starts to fluctuate very slightly, but these waves are small waves. The beach of Lady’s Beach, consisting of a beach, is also a shallow sea. In this respect, it is a safe beach for the children of the parents. Lady’s beach, which is an immaculate beach, is one of our beaches with Blue Flag.

Transportation to the lady’s beach is also very easy. The beach is 4 km from the center and has parking spaces for those arriving by car. Apart from this, you can take bus number 5 from the center to the beach every five minutes. There are also many taxi stops in the center.
The beach is kept under surveillance with a police camera for 24 hours. In addition, during the summer, beach police are working on the beach. These foreign-language policemen try to prevent probable probes of domestic and foreign tourists.

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