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Long Beach

The beach, known as Long Beach in Kuşadası, is the part from Yavansu to Güzelçamlı National Park. Long Beach, which is a densely located summer house in Kuşadası, consists of 12 km of beaches and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are 10 beaches near the beach, which are named after the beach or from the beach club. Some of those; Paradise Beach, Silver Beach, Love Beach.

In the area which is mostly composed of summer houses, there are also hotels and pensions which cater to every budget. The beach, which is filled with summer cottages and domestic foreign hotel customers, is quiet and quiet in winter. There are many cafes, restaurants and beach clubs on the beach. On the beach illuminated at night, holidaymakers can sit on the beach with friends or have fun with live music in nearby cafes. The beach also has bikes, bows and motorbikes. You can have long walks at sunset or enjoy a bike ride.
People who spend the summer here do not go too far into the center. It is in an area that has the capacity to meet all the needs of shopping and entertainment. Features In the summer months there is a vibrant and colorful life until late at night in Long Beach.
Access to Kusadasi Long Beach is easy. You can easily reach this beach and coastal sites by taking the dolmus to the Davutlar dolmuş or from the center.

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