Places to visit Kusadasi,  Why Kusadasi


One of the places that comes to mind when you think of places to visit around Kuşadası is Şirince Village. This village, which is inside the nature with its nature in the green, preserves its original architectural structure and creates a visual feast. Two storey mansions, which have been restored without disturbing the historical texture, have a structure that attracts people with its stone paved streets and clean air. The warm-blooded village people and the charming hostels they host provide a good holiday for the visitors.
It was a Greek village that did not reach even 2 thousand years ago, and was home to migrants from Thessaloniki after the exchange. This village, which was formerly named as Çirkince, was later changed to Şirince in the direction of Kazım Dirik, the governor of Izmir.

Throughout its history, it has been engaged in agricultural activities such as wine production and olive cultivation and still continues its ecological agriculture. Although there was a short break from the transition of migrants coming from the population after the exchange, the vineyard and olive growing activities were revived and fruit growing was also developed. Indeed Sirince fruity wines are known by their name has earned a reputation all over Turkey. Şirince Bazaar is known as the small shops in the street of wine, wine, soap and glass products for a wide range of products and rare handicraft products are sold. In addition, local cafes in small cafes around here is a taste must be tasted herbivorous Şirince also.
Located in a courtyard with a fountain, the Church of St. John the Baptist, Sirince is among the places to visit. In the middle of the small pool of the statue of the Virgin Mary, a visit to visit the coin by begging wishes. Due to its close proximity to the touristic attractions such as Ephesus Antique City, Virgin Mary and Kusadasi, the village is included in touristic routes every year of the year.

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