virgin mary
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Virgin Mary

Christians “Panaya Kapulu” known as the House of Virgin Mary M.S. It is thought to have been built in the 4th century. Hz. Shortly before Christ was crucified, his mother had already handed Mary to his apostle Jean, and they came to Ephesus with Mary because he thought that it would be inconvenient for Mary to remain in Jerusalem after the Apostle Jesus Christ ascension. He also undertook the sacred duty of spreading the Christian religion in Ephesus. St. Jean Hz. He hid Mary from the cityspeople for his safety and hid it in a house in the Bülbül Mountains. Hz. It is believed that Mary spent her last days in this house, and this house was considered Holy by the Vatican.

In 1891, on the depictions of the House of Virgin Mary, which was seen by a German nun who had never come to Ephesus before Catherine Emmerich. Finally, the House of Virgin Mary, which was restored in 1951, is seen and visited by Muslims. Because the Qur’an described the Surah Maryam in a way that will bless the Virgin Mary. Today, the House of Virgin Mary is a sacred place for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and is an important center that brings together three religious friendship.

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